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Energy Efficiency Management Office (under the aegis of Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities)
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Surveys on Energy Use and Energy Efficiency

Surveys on energy use and energy efficiency have been carried out in the hotel, industrial and SME sectors with a view to obtaining disaggregated date for, inter alia, planning purposes. Details on the surveys and findings can be found hereunder. A similar survey is presently being carried out in the services sector.   
The hotel sector being among the main sources of revenue in Mauritius, has to be equipped with the latest technology and best services, such as, fine gastronomy, comfortable accommodation in terms of ventilation and lighting, attractive atmosphere and interesting services such as sauna and hammam. The hotel sector is also a big energy consumer.  
A survey on energy use and energy efficiency in hotels and Hotels de Charme was carried out in 2018 with the following objectives: to determine the type and quantity of fuel being used, details on different sources of electricity being employed and level of energy efficiency of the hotel/hotel de charme as well as to obtain details on energy consuming equipment.
A copy of the survey report for the hotel sector can be downloaded by clicking here.    
The Industry Sector is a vast one comprising of several sub-sectors.  Although the total energy consumption of the industrial sector is available, the energy consumption of the different subsectors such as food processing and textiles are not known. There is also a lack of knowledge on the end use of energy in the sector e.g. electricity or thermal use. 
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), defined as those enterprises having a turnover of less than fifty million rupees, are thriving and hence, having an incidence on energy use in the country. However, due to unavailability of data, the impact of SMEs on energy consumption cannot be quantified, which, in turn results in a lack of data for planning purposes.
Consequently, a survey on energy use and energy efficiency in the Industrial and SME Sectors, was conducted in 2018 with the main objectives being, to obtain a breakdown of energy use in the industries and the SME sectors and to determine the level of energy efficiency of the industry facilities and SMEs, through Energy Use Intensity (EUI) calculations;
A copy of the survey report for the Industry and SME sectors can be downloaded by clicking here.  
In order to disseminate the findings of the survey in the Industrial and SME sectors, a workshop was organised by the EEMO on January 25, 2019 at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Tower, Ebene. A copy of the presentations made during the workshop can be downloaded from the links below:
Presenter: EEMO  
Presenter: Chairman of EEMO  
Presenter: EEMO  
Presenter: EEMO  
Presenter: StraConsult Ltd