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Energy Efficiency Management Office (under the aegis of Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities)
Energy Efficiency Management Office>Mauritius Building Energy Audit Tool (MBEAT)

Mauritius Building Energy Audit Tool (MBEAT)

 What is MBEAT?
The Mauritius Building Energy Audit Tool (MBEAT) is a software commissioned by the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. The software is an audit tool which stems from the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) and its user interface iSBEM.
The purpose of MBEAT and its interface is to produce consistent and reliable evaluations of energy use in non domestic buildings for energy auditing purposes. MBEAT consists of a calculation methodology and runs an Energy Audit generator in parallel using the same input data.
Note: MBEAT is an energy audit procedure and NOT a design tool. If the performance of a particular feature is critical to the design and even though it can be represented in this energy audit tool, it is prudent to use the most appropriate modelling tool for design purposes. In any case, MBEAT should not be used for sizing.
A copy of the MBEAT software may be made available subject to the potential user making a written request to the Energy Efficiency Management Office and signing of an Agreement.
A copy of the Agreement will be posted here shortly.