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Energy Efficiency Management Office (under the aegis of Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities)


Energy Efficiency in Buildings
A UNDP Supported and GEF/SIDSDock Financed Project entitled "Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Buildings" is being implemented with the overall goal to reduce GHG emissions sustainably. This project intends to overcome barriers to energy efficiency and energy conservation in buildings, and to reinforce the development of a market approach for improving energy efficiency in both existing and future new buildings. The main objectives of this project are as follows: 
  • Develop and set up an Energy Audit Management Scheme for Non-Residential Buildings.
  • Develop a Software Tool (MBEAT) for energy auditing of Non-residential Buildings.
  • Develop an Energy Efficiency Building Code (EEBC) and the Energy Efficiency Building Regulations (EEBR).
  • Customize MBEAT for compliance checking of energy efficiency features (as per the EEBC and EEBR) in the design of new non-residential buildings above 500 sq. metres. 
  • Develop Energy Efficiency Design Guidebooks for targeted Residential and Non-Residential Buildings having  floor area less than 500 sq. metres