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Energy Efficiency Management Office (under the aegis of Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities)
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Awareness Raising on LED

Awareness Raising on LED
One of the simplest energy efficiency measure that can be implemented in all sectors of the economy is the use of energy efficient lighting systems. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) technology which has been extensively used in electronics equipment has attained maturity for space and area lighting applications. Nowadays LED lights are more efficient than Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and consume five times less energy to provide the same light output as compared conventional incandescent lamps. Good quality LED lights have a very high life span and a lower life cycle cost compared to other lighting technologies. Moreover, LED lights do not contain mercury which is a hazardous substance when released in the environment. In this respect, the savings achieved by replacement of incandescent lamps and CFLs by LEDs outweigh the initial higher cost associated with LEDs, which has been up to now the main barrier for its adoption on a mass scale in Mauritius, together with the lack of information by the general public on how to carry out the retrofit.
In this respect, awareness raising materials, comprising posters and videos, have been developed to promote a shift towards the use of LED lighting systems and to explain on how to retrofit LED to existing lighting systems.
Video on LED Technology:
Video on LED Retrofit:
Commercial Videos: