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Energy Efficiency Competitions 2014

Start Time: April 01, 2014 14:00 | End Time: August 31, 2014 23:00
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Energy Efficiency Competitions 2014
The Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the Energy Efficiency Management Office launched an Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaign on March 26, 2014.
The objective of the awareness campaign was to further promote the efficient use of energy in the country. It comprises several activities and talks for the benefit of the public in general as well as for all sectors of the economy. This was in line with the objective of Government to ensure efficient use of energy.
Among the activities of the campaign were competitions in primary and secondary schools. These were as follows:
(i)  “Energy Efficiency Painting Competition 2014”, aimed at Std. IV and Std. V students of primary schools;
(ii) “Energy Efficiency Essay Competition 2014”, aimed at Form IV and Form V college students; and
(iii) “Energy Efficiency Project Competition 2014”, aimed at Lower Six college students.
The three competitions were launched during the official launching of the Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaign and lasted till July 16, 2014
The Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the Energy Efficiency Management Office benefited from the collaboration of the UNDP and funds from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) as well as from the Institution of Engineers Mauritius for the competitions.
The three Energy Efficiency Competitions provided students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of energy efficiency and energy saving, to investigate related issues and to propose solutions.
The prize giving ceremony for the three Energy Efficiency Competitions 2014 was held on Wednesday August 20, 2014 at the MITD House, Phoenix.


  The winners of the three competions are as follows:
1.    Energy Efficiency Painting Competition 2014 
1st prize winner    Ramdahen Hashir
Jules Koenig Govt School
2nd prize winner   Mowlabaccus Muhammad Aymaan
                        Caroline Govt School 
3rd prize winner    Sevrine Jasmin
                        Rajcoomar Gujadhur Govt School
2.    Energy Efficiency Essay Competition 2014 
1st prize winner    Goorvadoo Tinusha
                        Dunputh Lallah State College 
2nd prize winner   Cheekhoory Dakshayani
                        DAV College, Port Louis 
3rd prize winner    Balasoupramanien Nivan
                        Mahatma Gandhi Institute
3.    Energy Efficiency Project Competition 2014 
1st prize winner    Gaetan Raynal State College 
                             Ramessur Ashwini (Team Leader)
                             Bignah Preety
                             Proag Geereeshma
                             Runglall Peshik 
2nd prize winner   Hindu Girl’s College 
                             Bhoonye Devi Rideesha (Team Leader)
                             Soondur Devi Tooshina
                             Doodee Devi Dasi Mahalakshmi
                             Ramtohul Tooshika
3rd prize winner    Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College
                             Mungur Vickram (Team Leader)
                             Mungroo Sarvesh
                             Hamritte Navesh
                             Abeeluck Yajyushsingh
Runner Up          GMD Atchia State College
                             Pokun Zakiyyah (Team Leader)
                             Seetohul Bhavna Devi
                             Seebun Reeya Girisha
                             Nohur Bibi Mehreen
Runner Up          GMD Atchia State College
                             Lallmahamoud Fadouila Banon (Team Leader)
                             Goorah Diksha
Mootoosamy Yamini                          
Date: January 22, 2015

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